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Hetai's Journey in Barcelona ITMA 2019

Founded in 1951, ITMA is one of the most authoritative brands in the textile machinery industry, providing the latest technology platform for cutting-edge textile and garment machinery.

The exhibition has attracted 120,000 visitors from 147 countries, aiming to explore new ideas and seek sustainable development.

In order to maintain our influence and competitive advantage in textile machinery, Hetai has involved in the ITMA exhibition since 2015.

During the ITMA exhibition in Barcelona, Hetai   met with   customers to discuss the motor market and our advantage. Hetai also promoted the brand to exhibitors from various countries. Among them, the latest planetary gearbox series of Hetai is attracting many customers, and its simple appearance and ultra-quiet and smooth operation are consistently praised and affirmed.

After a week-long exhibition, Hetai has not only promoted its own strength to the textile industry, but also has a deeper understanding of the textile market and the latest technology. Although ITMA 2019 has ended, the journey of Hetai has just begun. We will continue to develop and innovate in the professional field.

With the spirit of excellence and continuous research, Hetai provides customers with better products and services.